Templeton REC Foundation Mission Statement:

The Templeton REC Foundation’s mission is to focus public attention on parks and recreation programs, facilities and services; and stimulate gifts, endowments, and bequests to develop and maintain parks, sports fields.



The Templeton REC Foundation (TRF) is a registered nonprofit (501 (c) 3) that assists in bridging the gap for the Templeton Recreation Department.


The Templeton REC Foundation has tirelessly fundraised to sponsor the following programs/events:

  • Sports team sponsorships for youngsters enrolled in the Templeton Recreation Department’s soccer, softball/t-ball and basketball programs. 

  • Templeton Summer Concerts in the Park program that brings all ages together to enjoy music in a setting. 

  • Replace and enhance amenities i.e. Shade Cover at Evers Sports Park (Softball Field #1) and benches/picnic tables.

  • Future capital improvements of local parks.


TRF hopes to receive donations from the public and business sectors to maintain current parks and sports fields. As funds become available there is the hope to develop future sports fields.


TRF is dedicated to the healthy development of Templeton’s residents through recreation activities and experiences.  Parks and recreation activities enhance the quality of life of residents in Templeton.


Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors comes from all walks of life.  Some have lived in Templeton all their lives; others are new to town.  All of them have a deep commitment to making Templeton a better place to live.


Janice Burch, President

Dede Davis, Vice-President

Laurie Ion, Secretary              

Natalie Klock, Treasurer 

Francesca Bordonaro, Director                 

Stacy Sanders, Director

Geoff English, Director

Brent Hansen, Director

Nate Marquart, Honorary Director (non-voting)

Scott Reynolds, Honorary Director (non-voting)

Melissa Johnson, Honorary Director (non-voting)



Call us:


E-mail us: 

Laurie Ion - ion@templetoncsd.org or

Janice Burch - janiceburch@outlook.com